We have put together a list of add-ons that will help give more value to your Logo package:

   1.  Concepts

a.  4 Logo Concepts Price $US 235.00
b.  6 Logo Concepts Price $US 295.00
c.  8 Logo Concepts Price $US 326.00
d.  10 Logo Concepts Price $US 384.00

   2.  Revisions & Redraws

a.  Up to 6 Revisions, 1 redraw Concept Price $US 30.00
b.  Unlimited Revisions, 4 redraw Concept Price $US 60.00

   3.  Additional Services

a.  Add Illustration Price $US 180.00
b. Add Urgent/Next Day Service Price $US 120.00
c.  Files Sent on CD Price $US 36.00

   4.  Stationery Design

a.  Stationery Design Price $US 120.00
b. Editable Fax Cover Design Price $US 36.00
c.  Editable Letterhead (Word) Price $US 36.00

   5.  Screen Saver

a.  One (1) Screen Saver Price $US 60.00
b.  Two (2) Screen Savers Price $US 96.00

   6.  Graphic Designing

a.  Brochure Design Price $US 600.00
b.  Folder Cover Design Price $US 240.00
c.  Post Card Design Price $US 240.00
d.  Flash Logo Design Price $US 180.00

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